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Commercial Laundry Chemical Supplies and use of Ozone

commercial laundry ozone

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Depending on the type of commercial laundry you have will change the types of supplies you need. In an ever-changing world of technology, people are able to better clean their garments using less energy and chemicals.

Many commercial laundry facilities are operating around the clock, which can really add up when it comes to operating costs. That includes the power needed to run the machines and the products used to clean them.

Chemical Supplies

Understanding chemistry and how to effectively formulate proper wash loads is very important but with the use of ozone. Your supplier must know how to interact between chemistry and ozone in a wide variety of water conditions.

Whether you have a lot of sheets and towels used in your facility, ozone will work to disinfect. It will aide in the cleaning of your laundry.  The bonus is the deodorization as well.

How Does Ozone Work?

Ozone uses electricity and oxygen in a unique way to replace one form of energy, heat, with another which is ozone in a very simplified explanation. It will provide disinfection far superior to bleach and hot water alone. The Ozone breaks the bonds of soils to allow detergents to wash away the dirt.

It can be applied directly into the wash wheel or it can be dissolved into the water supplying the washers. It washes are far more cost-effective and can help reduce your energy bills because they reduce the amount of hot water needed.

Washes can still be done with hot water, but you will not need it to be as hot as before without ozone. It also reduces the amount of water needed and can also help your clothes dry quicker.

Removing the need for all the other chemicals will help alleviate allergies and sensitive skin flare-ups that can occur with the more common bleaches and detergents.

Using ozone will cut back on labor costs, the amount of energy needed, the water and drying time are cut, as is the amount of waste you send back out into the environment.

The water ozone system connects to the existing water lines going to your washers. The equipment can be installed next to the washers or in the next room if needed.

There is no need to change anything about how you are processing your laundry. The formulas will change inside the machine but you can run your laundry exactly how it was run before ozone.

Green and Clean Ozone

Ozone really is a green laundry chemical. A clean gas made entirely of pure oxygen available around us. You won’t have to store large amounts of hazardous chemicals like Chlorine, Alkali, and Acid on-site at your facility any longer because it will be doing the work of all of them.

In this day and age, it just makes sense to use products that are better for the environment yet still perform as they should. For those in the commercial laundry arena, it means you can still provide the same great service, but make a difference to the environment, and save money.

According to multiple studies, ozone-oxygen mixtures when used properly will kill a variety of microorganisms. Not only in our clothing but all fabrics as well.

Everyone wants to avoid harmful chemicals, so using ozone as a detergent-less laundry solution will help you do that. It kills microorganisms found in dirty laundry at about 3,000 times faster than bleach.

Ask The Experts

If you need more information, contact RJ Kool to find out about ozone for commercial laundry. It is a smart direction to go with industrial cleaning on all levels.

RJ Kool Company expanded into the laundry chemical business from the success of their laundry ozone program. Make a difference today.

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