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Why You Need Hygiene Standards in Your Commercial Laundry Process

Commercial Hygiene Laundry

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Any type of company or organization that services the general public, people in healthcare settings, or educational institutions need to be constantly aware of potential health and hygiene hazards.

There are greater risks during cold and flu season, hotels catering to international clientele or disease outbreaks at large hospitals or care facilities. It comes down to more than just cleaned and sterilized.

The carts or buggies used to transport the soiled laundry need to be considered contaminated, as well. That means they need to be washed out and sterilized after each use to avoid a continuation of the contamination.

The uniforms worn by the people doing the laundry also need to be considered contaminated and cleaned properly, as well. All soiled laundry should transported, handled, and sorted correctly and safely.

There is a minimum potential infection for linen carts when covered. But beyond that, clothes and linens space also needs care.

Sorting out several hundred pounds of soiled linens, uniforms, towels, and more every day means that a lot of the germs and bacteria can become airborne. So cleaning the surfaces is really only half the battle.

Soiled laundry also needs enough space to be cleaned. It is not only important to have the space to sort the laundry, but you also need proper ventilation.

Safe Space

RJ Kool has worked a lot with architects and mechanical engineers to make sure that the room sizes are correct, the utilities are correct, they have the infrastructure, door openings are wide enough, the drains are big enough, the waterlines, the utilities, gas, electric, and whatever else is necessary for hygiene purposes.

They spend a lot of time helping in that design phase, so when it comes time to build it and they start using it, it works properly. That way, cleaning and drying laundry so that they don’t have laundry stuck in a hall or overflowing out of the actual laundry space.

Disinfection by Ozone

Disinfecting laundry is extremely important. RJ Kool Company has been supplying Aquawing ozone systems for on-premise laundry applications.

They are one of the largest ozone suppliers around, with well over 300 installations, and counting. One of the best things about ozone is that it is very unique.

Ozone is three molecules of oxygen and it is also an extremely powerful oxidant, meaning it will kill almost all types of germs or viruses. It is absolutely one of the best types of disinfectants you can get.

So instead of using 160-degree hot water and powerful bleach that can be harmful, the ozone does it for you. Medical oxygen concentrator will remove everything out of it except for about 90, 95% pure oxygen by adding it to the air.

The ozone system not only disinfected but it also deodorizes. This can be particularly desirable in large hospitals, nursing homes, or hotels. This is also beneficial in that you will use less water, less hot water, and less added disinfectant, like bleach.

Ask The Experts

RJ Kool has been installing ozone for laundry long before COVID. Each system provides certified disinfection of MRSA, C.Diff, and Coronaviruses.

Most installations will allow us to reduce hot water usage by up to 90% and reduce water usage. RJ Kool provides chemical titration services upon installation and startup for a high-quality laundry standard.

It is the ideal way forward with safety and hygiene for any type of commercial laundry service. Hotels, hospitals, coin-operated self-serve systems, and laundry facilities in large apartment buildings.

Why not contact RJ Kool today and find out more about the importance of hygiene when it comes to commercial laundry systems. Because there is more to having clean laundry than simply washing it. 

Knowing that the potential harm is taken care of from all levels is important for your residents, guests, or clients. Let them sleep better knowing the linens and towels they are using are disinfected properly, but will never smell like they are.

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