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Essential Tips to Follow When Purchasing Commercial Laundry Equipment

Purchasing Commercial Laundry Equipment

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There are several considerations to account for when purchasing commercial laundry equipment. You’ll need to consider the expected use case for the equipment, what kind of materials will be laundered, laundry facility design, energy efficiency versus power and capacity, and from whom you’ll be purchasing equipment.

At RJ Kool, we want to ensure the success of our Midwest customers in choosing high-quality commercial laundry equipment. We’ve created this guide of helpful tips to consider as you navigate choosing the right equipment for your needs.

Expected Use-Case

In planning your commercial laundry equipment purchase, it’s vital for you to clearly understand how the equipment will fit into your business or facility.

Are you opening a coin-operated laundromat or a wash and fold laundry or dry cleaning service? Are you purchasing commercial laundry equipment for a hospitality business, healthcare facility, or fire station?

Having a clear vision of your expected use case for the laundry equipment will help you to narrow your research and make more informed decisions.

What Kind of Materials Will be Laundered?

If you’re opening a coin-operated laundromat, you can expect most materials to be run-of-the-mill clothing and bedding. As such, your priority may be less on purchasing high-capacity machines and more on energy-efficient equipment that will cut down on your monthly utility expenses and increase your monthly profit.

However, if you will be using the laundry equipment for a hospitality business, higher capacity laundry machines may be necessary to accommodate a high volume of sheets and thick bedding.

If you’re purchasing commercial laundry equipment for a fire station, then choosing machines that are both heavy-duty and highly programmable is a necessity for properly cleaning contaminated gear.

For healthcare facilities, choosing high-capacity machines that can be set to high enough heat settings to ensure the eradication of microbes from bedding and other materials is of the utmost importance.

For dry cleaning service, you’ll need to choose equipment that can safely clean and dry delicate clothing and materials, such as proper cleaning chemicals, presses, and suede and leather cleaners.

Consider How Your Space Can Accommodate Machines When Purchasing Commercial Laundry Equipment

Planning the space for your laundry equipment is critical to ensuring a successful consumer laundry operation and a streamlined, optimized cleaning process for industrial purposes. At RJ Kool, we understand that professional guidance in planning an on-site laundry facility can greatly benefit our clients.

That’s why we offer professional commercial laundry facility designing services. Professional consultants can help with considering design, optimal space usage, electrical and fuel considerations, the flow of the space, machine placement, and more.

With professional design guidance, you can make informed decisions on questions such as maximizing space with stacking machines, top loader vs front loaders, electric versus gas dryers, and other considerations.

The importance of optimally designing a space for the laundry facility is often overlooked, especially for non-consumer industrial facility use. To maximize the success of your operation, we recommend using professional guidance to plan the setup and design of your laundry facility.

Energy Efficiency Versus Power and Capacity

Considering your company’s goal in energy efficiency vs power and capacity can help you choose laundry equipment best suited for your business’s needs. Is your business committed to environmentally friendly practices?

If you run an eco-resort, for instance, you may want to consider using commercial laundry equipment that utilizes green technology and offers water and energy-saving capabilities.

On the other hand, if you operate an extended care health facility you may want to choose laundry equipment that can process large quantities of materials and maintain high standards of health and safety considerations.

Some laundry machines lean heavily to one side or the other while some strike a balance between energy efficiency and power and capacity. Understanding your business’s specific needs will help you make informed decisions.

Research Suppliers Before Purchasing Commerical Laundry Equipment

When purchasing your equipment, you’ll want to make sure you buy from a reputable company that offers warranties, expert maintenance and service calls, and design consultation services. At RJ Kool, we check off all these boxes and more.

Our commitment to our customers extends well beyond selling our top-of-the-line, reliable, efficient laundry equipment. We want to make sure our customers succeed in their endeavors and structure our business accordingly.

Contact the Commerical Laundry Equipment Pros at RJ Kool

At RJ Kool, we are committed to providing high-quality, dependable equipment and offering excellent customer service, maintenance and repairs, and consultations services. If you’re considering purchasing commercial laundry equipment, then depend on us to provide you with top-of-the-line equipment and service….give us a call today!

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