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Four Tips for Investing in Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment for Your Apartment Complex

Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment for Your Apartment Complex

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If you’re looking for ways to save on your rental property’s energy expenses, consider investing in energy-efficient laundry equipment for your apartment complex. You can cut down on energy bills by investing in energy-efficient machines while maintaining your gains.

At RJ Kool, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art, energy-efficient commercial laundry machines. To help you make the most informed decision for your apartment complex’s laundry units, we have compiled this expert list of four tips for investing in energy-efficient laundry machines.

Calculate Your Current Laundry Energy Costs and Invest in Equipment That Will Lower Your Expenses

Before investing in energy-efficient laundry equipment for your apartment complex, make sure you know the amount you are currently spending on energy costs for your laundry units, including the gallons of water used per load on your washers.

High utility bills and high water usage are often the largest expense and recurring concerns for owners of coin-operated laundry machines. Investing in new, energy-efficient models can significantly reduce these costs.

For example, a decade or older, inefficient washer costs on average about $1.00 in utility cost to run, compared to a new, energy-efficient model that can run a load for about $.30 in utility cost per load. By knowing how much you currently spend per load in utilities on your washers and dryers, you can get a better idea of your long-term savings on your new investment.

Choose Washer-Extractors with Green Technology

Washing machines can vary significantly in the amount of water it uses and how wet materials are at the end of the wash cycle. To maximize the energy efficiency of your laundry units, look for a washer that delivers water-saving costs and high-speed extraction that leaves clothes less wet.

The drier the clothes are as they come out of the washer, the less the dryer has to work, increasing the efficiency of the drying process.

You’ll want to look for washers that extract as much water as possible and can deliver at least 15% water savings. By choosing to use washers with water-saving technology, your operating costs can be lowered, while maintaining or even increasing the performance of your units.

Look for Dryers that are Optimally Constructed and Decrease Dry Time

Energy-efficient dryers are starting to make their way into the American market. While water-efficient washers have been around for years, residential and commercial dryers are now being offered with energy-efficient technology.

Many of these models offer temperature and moisture sensors that can automatically shut down the dryer when clothes are dry. This system does not translate as well for coin-operated dryers, however, some features do exist that can decrease drying time, saving you on energy costs and maximizing the service life of the dryer.

Look for dryers that decrease drying time through tighter construction and increased axial airflow, which results in less heat leakage and the fan not having to work as hard to create good airflow for the machine. Also, look for dryers that offer multiple heat settings.

Protect your Investment in Energy-Efficient Laundry Equipment for Your Apartment Complex

You can further protect your investment in energy-efficient laundry machines by encouraging your tenants to use the equipment in an energy-efficient manner. You can encourage tenants to use lower heat settings and cold wash cycles when it’s possible for them.

We always recommend that you strictly stick to maintenance schedules to protect your investment. This maintenance includes regularly changing filters, inspecting and cleaning out inlet and outlet hoses, cleaning the drums, inspecting and replacing belts, and ensuring tight seals by removing buildup and grime alongside the seals, joints, and connections.

At RJ Kool, we offer maintenance and service calls to our Midwest customers to ensure the maximum performance and longevity of our clients’ laundry equipment.

Contact the Pros at RJ Kool to Invest in Energy-Efficient Laundry Equipment for your Apartment Complex

Our team at RJ Kool are deeply committed to providing our Midwest clients with top-of-the-line, energy-efficient laundry equipment. If you have decided to invest in energy efficient laundry equipment for your apartment complex, give us a call today!

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