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How to Choose the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Business Needs

Best Commercial Laundry Equipment

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Do you know what the best commercial laundry equipment for business needs are? Not all laundry facilities are alike. There are a lot of different types of washers and dryers, not all will be suitable.

The type of business you have will help you narrow down the best type of laundry equipment and features that will suit your needs. With energy-efficient machines and the advancement of technology, you will have plenty of choices.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Business Needs

Most of us don’t think about laundry much, except when we have to do it. But if laundry is a big part of your business or it is your business, that’s a different story.

What’s Your Business?

Your business and what you need the equipment for will decide what machines will be best for you. An apartment complex isn’t going to need the same kinds of machines as a hospital or a hotel.

Do you need machines for heavy loads, badly soiled or stained items, the need for great sanitation, or something that can handle an extra-large load? Are they for a hotel or a laundromat, because one is pay per use and the others are not?


Conserving energy is not only important for your business but it’s important for the environment. The best commercial laundry equipment for your business needs will be energy-efficient.

Regardless of the type of business you have, saving costs is always a priority. Machines that work in less time, use far less water and can be programmed to perform certain tasks are going to be very welcome and help cut costs.

Choose the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment: User-Friendly

You want people to be able to understand and use the machines easily. In a facility like a hotel or a hospital, people can be taught how to operate the equipment.

For a laundry facility for public use, you need machines that are straightforward and easier to use. Maybe you need to include diagrams and easy-to-read instructions.

Plus, machines that can be pre-set to run during off-peak hours can save a lot of time and money. In a hotel, it’s important that the linens are all ready to go so there are no delays in room turn-over or meal service.

Machine Size

Bigger is not always better. Machines needed for a hospital or a hotel will need to be bigger and have a higher capacity than equipment for a gym or a spa. A laundromat doesn’t need many big machines, just more of them.

A hotel or a correctional facility needs machines that can handle larger loads and perform heavy-duty cleaning. Sheets, towels, uniforms, and items that are stained from surgery or a large commercial kitchen need extra care.


When you are looking for the best commercial laundry equipment for your business needs, a warranty is a must. Not that most equipment doesn’t come with one, but they, like the equipment, are not all made the same.

Machines that are in use all the time take a lot of wear and tear. They can come up against all sorts of foreign objects getting passed through to public abuse. If your machine breaks down after only a few runs, you don’t want to be on the hook for it.

The Best Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Business Needs

How big are the machines, how much room do you have, what is the main item or items that need to be laundered? Is it for public use or professional laundry? Contact us here at RJ Kool for more information.

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