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How Can a Commercial Laundry Design Consultant Benefit Your Organization?

Commercial Laundry Design Consultant

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Hiring a commercial laundry design consultant can be one of the wisest business decisions you’ll make. You don’t have to run a laundromat to take advantage of one of these professionals. Owners and managers for hotels and motels, fitness centers or gyms, and residential facilities can all make use of these types of facilities.

Although laundry facilities can be a major boost for your business, you need to make sure proper planning goes into this facility. Read on to learn more about what a design consultant for commercial laundry does and how hiring one may benefit your business.

Being Able to Work More Closely With Professionals

Laundry consultants have a lot of useful connections with architects and other business professionals. A consultant can provide the necessary analysis for architects to come up with drafts that you can use for more effective design.

When these professionals work together, they can design plans without constantly scheduling new meetings. Planning sessions make it easy to come up with the perfect layout for any business.

A Commercial Laundry Design Consultant Helps With Important Logistics

One of the important roles that a commercial laundry design consultant will fulfill is helping you figure out where to run your utility lines. The water and gas lines are of some of the greatest importance, as well as the electrical system. You will also need to think about placement for your drains, as well as exhaust fans and vents.

When you know where these connections go, the process is easier overall. Laundry consultants do this type of work so much that they know where to run these lines and make modifications as needed.

A Consultant Can Help You Figure Out What Equipment Sizes Are Necessary

Deciding how many machines you need and what capacity they require is an important decision that you don’t want to be wrong. Consultants know what types of criteria to keep in mind for making good decisions on these matters.

Some of the things a consultant will consider include your total room dimensions, window and door locations, utility line locations, and whether accessory equipment must be installed. The more organized you are, the better your results for your company when you get the equipment operational.

A Commercial Laundry Design Consultant Can Make A Recommendation Based on Specific Needs

Every business that could benefit from a laundry consultant will have different needs, and laundry consultants are closely attuned to these needs. Cost is an important consideration, but not the only important consideration. Some of the considerations may vary depending on the type of business that needs the consultancy services.

For example, athletic facilities will place a high value on a quicker turn-around time. Consultants will be able to help select the right equipment to meet these needs. The turn-around time will also be important for residential and medical facilities where residents and patients need access to clean linens.

If you run a hotel or motel where guests do their laundry without an employee available to handle the machines, user-friendliness will play a crucial role. A consultant can help you decide which machines customers will be able to use with minimal guidance.

Quality control is of major importance for medical facilities with their own laundry equipment. Government agencies, including the CDC and OSHA, set important policies for sanitizing linens for disease prevention. Because laundry has to be washed or dried at particular temperatures and may require additives, the machines need to allow loads to be handled according to these specifications easily.

Adding commercial laundry equipment to your facility can be important for your business but requires a little bit of planning to ensure that all goes well. RJ Kool specializes in the services that a commercial laundry design consultant can provide, contact us today for more information about this process.

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