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How to Define Your Commercial Laundry Needs

Custom machines for commercial laundry needs

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With the advancements in technology in everything we do, why should our laundry machines be any different? For your commercial laundry needs, there are many factors you need to consider before buying the machinery.

From self-service laundromats to hotel laundry, not all machines and services will suit one need. Luckily, you have choices. From performance to size, today’s machines can do anything you need them to.

Your Commercial Laundry Needs

Before you start shopping for commercial laundry machines, there are a few things you need to work out first.


Depending on what type of laundry service you are starting, your budget will always be a concern. New, high-tech machines are not cheap. If you are looking to keep your budget low, then you may want to consider used machines or leasing.

Leasing will also include maintenance and other customer support you may need. If you are looking to buy for a hotel or a for-profit type of service, you may consider new equipment that will last a long time and come with extended warranties.


This is another important consideration you need to make. You need to weigh your needs against the space you have. There are options, so make sure you know what you need before you buy.

Different types and sizes of equipment will have different requirements for mounting, venting, and their water and electricity supply, so these are all critical considerations when you are selecting your space.

Can the space you are putting the machines in accommodate them, for plumbing and wiring, as well. Will you need free-standing machines, stackable machines, or machines on the wall? Can the plumbing handle it?


Machines can provide plenty of different functions now, which is also a big selling point, depending on what your business is. If you run a hotel, you can find machines that will be able to handle all the towels, sheets, uniforms, kitchen linens, and anything else you may need to be cleaned.

A hotel’s laundry has very specific needs. Larger loads of towels mean guests can have them sooner. If you have high-end quality sheets, you can get washing machines that have a higher G-force during the spin cycle to extract more water.

The sheets won’t have to be in the dryer for as long, which will help keep them in great condition. The dryers can be programmed to register the amount of moisture left in the sheets, and then shut down automatically.

This keeps the sheets from getting over-dry and causes less damage to the fabric. This is a great feature to have for many commercial laundries, as it cuts down on drying time, uses less energy, and keeps materials from disintegrating so quickly.

Variety of Machines for Different Commercial Laundry Needs

Another consideration is the types of machines. For a coin laundry, you may only need regular machines and a few for heavy loads or larger loads. In a hotel type of setting, you don’t likely want to throw dirty kitchen aprons or cleaning cloths in the same machine you do your fine linens with.

Laundry is a full-time service in a hotel, hospital, or commercial self-serve laundry. Machines need to last and be able to handle constant use. How these machines perform, how much energy they consume, the time it takes them to complete their cycle, and their impact on the environment should all be taken into consideration. Size, as well as function, are all important aspects you need to think about before buying commercial laundry machines.

Get Expert Advice

Talk to the experts about the types and sizes of laundry machines you need. Make sure you tell them exactly what you need them for, how much use will be required, and any other questions you might have.

Whether you need used equipment, high-end machines, programmable washers and dryers, you should always consult with experts in the field to make sure you get exactly what you need for your commercial laundry.

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