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How to Improve Commercial Laundry Productivity

laundry productivity

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We can always find ways to be more efficient and increase productivity. In a commercial laundry setting, any type of delay or problem can be a recipe for disaster. Hospitals and hotel guests should have to wait for sheets or towels.

Through advancements in technology to better functioning equipment, you can cut down on labor, time, and make everything more energy-efficient. It is important that the commercial laundries run as smoothly as possible.

Improving Productivity in Your Commercial Laundry

Managing productivity requires you to be able to measure it.

Use The Right Equipment

Upgrading your equipment is a real step in the right direction for increasing productivity. Being able to pre-program your washers and dryers will make a big difference.

Set machines to start working before the next shift arrives. Getting the washing machines to provide a presoaked will eliminate the need for the machines to work in hard to remove a lot of the heavily soiled laundry.

To complete the wash in the morning, set the wash first. They can already have them in the dryer and start the new load.

Set for various speeds, load size, and a spray rinse for the washing machine. Choose the speed of the spin cycle to extract more water and cut back on the dry time.

The dryers can be set to monitor how much water or moisture is left remaining in the sheets or towels and shut down automatically. This saves money and the towels and sheets from getting over-dry and shedding lint everywhere.

Less lint means the machines will work better and get better airflow. Clogged machines can’t work properly and that will demand a service call, stopping productivity.

Use Ironing machines and folding machines

For better results, use ironing machines and folding machines. Using an ironing machine that allows one person to clip, feed the materials in. It let the machine do the ironing and then stack it all. Lastly, send it back out will cut down on a lot of wasted time.

To fold shirts and towels, use folding machines. No need for different machines or settings. Just put all three or four different sized towels in, let the machine grab and fold them, and then it separates them into each of their respective piles.

Programmable machines are certainly the way to go. Some machines can be controlled remotely, to set up and start from away or set to begin at a specific time.


If your design isn’t working as well as it should, then neither will the machines and the people running them. The design and function of the space need to flow so there are no hold-ups or delays.

Keeping the dirty clothes from the clean ones is important. You don’t want to have to rewash laundry again simply because it came in contact with dirty laundry.

Machines need to be able to function properly and that means people need to be able to access them, operate them, and move around them without hindrance or complications.

Timing everything is also important. Just because the machines are capable of performing better, they still need a schedule and regular maintenance. Luckily, machines can be set up to perform when you need them to, without ever being on the premises.

Seek Expert Advice

Getting new equipment is only half the battle. Everyone needs to be proficient in using them. When you get equipment from RJ Kool, you can rest assured they will set the equipment up to suit your individual needs.

RJ Kool has extensive experience assisting commercial facilities including hotels, health care facilities, commercial laundries, fire departments, correctional facilities, car washes, and athletic clubs.

They help maximize their on-premise laundry space and reduce costs. They offer a full line of on-premise laundry equipment, including dryers, heated rollers, stack washers/dryers, and washers that are constructed from the highest quality materials and designed with profitability, efficiency, and productivity in mind.

Call RJ Kool today and ask about their on-premise commercial laundry equipment that offers energy-saving features that reduce utility costs.

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