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The Importance of Programmability for Your Commercial Laundry System

Commercial Laundry Programmability

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The ability to program any of our appliances makes life much easier. We can program our coffee maker, our television, our thermostats. It only makes sense we can program our washer and dryer. Programmability is particularly important for those using commercial laundry equipment. You are going to need different settings whether you are at a hotel, hospital, university, or coin-operated laundry.

This is a real benefit for commercial laundry equipment. Each load will have different textiles, require different temperatures, and need different washing or drying care.

Benefits of Programmability Your Commercial Laundry System

For organizations that need their laundry equipment running around the clock, the ability to program them will save time and money. The features and flexibility available are impressive.

Most machines will come with plenty of pre-programmed settings for the particular machines you have. Programs can adapt to whatever you need them to do.

Heat Control

Controlling the heat for both the washer and dryer are nothing new. But having variations available are. Depending on what is being laundered, you want to be able to control that.

Cooldown periods for drying, different temperature requirements for each wash or rinse cycle protect the materials and ensure they get as clean as possible and last much longer.


For organizations that contend with heavily soiled garments or cleaning supplies, a pre-soak overnight is possible. Depending on how badly the items are soiled, like grease, oil, soot, or food stains, this can really cut back on the washing time and energy required.

Speed Control

Taking control of the spin and washing speed is also a great benefit. For items that need a deep wash, you can program the washing machine to make sure they get the clean they need.

For delicates, you can program the washing machine to gentle wash and agitate the items so as not to damage or twist them while being washed. The spin cycle can be gentle enough to not damage items or make sure they repel as much water as possible.

When the garments have less water in them, then they require less time in the dryer. This saves time and energy, as well.

Time Optimization

Often times, the machines are often required around the clock depending on the type of business. This is good news if you don’t have staff there to man the machines for those hours.

People can load the machines up in the evening before they leave and set them to start an hour or so before the next shift comes back in the morning.  That way, the dryer can finish the loads right away after washing.

This allows the next team to get another load of washing on, while the previous one dries. For businesses like hotels, which need sheets, towels, and uniforms all the time, it’s a real time-saver.

Customized Machines

If you can have your washing and drying machines customized to your very specific business, why wouldn’t you? While many might find the pre-set programs quite sufficient, having customized settings and programmability will save you money and time.

If you have several machines running at the same time, obviously they are going to be doing different types of material. The ability to program one to do the heavily soiled kitchen aprons, tablecloths, and cleaning cloths are going to require a much different setting than your sheets, towels, and duvets.

The ability to program each separate load also has an important impact on the energy used, the amount of water needed, and how it affects the environment, as well.

Service and Support

RJ Kool not only sells and services commercial laundry equipment, but they can program them to help you reach their full potential. They will come to your organization and program the machines to suit the materials you need to be laundered.

They will also educate you on how to use the machines, the pre-set programs, and service and maintain the equipment, to make sure you are getting the best possible outcome.

Contact RJ Kool today for more information, a service call, or to talk about programmability and upgrading your commercial laundry equipment today.

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