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How New Commercial Laundry Equipment Benefits Athletic Facilities

Commercial Laundry Equipment Benefits

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There are many commercial laundry equipment benefits for athletic facilities. We might often think mostly of laundromats when there is a reference to laundry equipment for commercial purposes. After all, most people use industrial laundry equipment in this setting.

However, there are many reasons this equipment is well-suited to athletic facilities. Read on to learn more about the most popular reasons and how adding this laundry equipment makes everything better

Enjoy Cleaner Uniforms and Linens at All Times

Having clean, disinfected uniforms and towels is more important now than ever. As prices for everything have gone up in recent years, athletic facilities need to find ways to maximize their savings. Having a steady supply of clean, disinfected uniforms, towels, and other necessary items helps your facility save money in the long run.

Football and other rough contact sports often inflict a lot of damage on uniforms. The last thing that any facility owner wants to deal with is having players take to the field in uniforms that have obviously seen better days. Players at your facility will always look their best at play.

Having your facilities on-site is a good way to make sure everything is properly sanitized. COVID-19 and other infectious diseases have made the importance of sanitization all the more clear. Allowing everyone to sanitize uniforms, towels, and linens on-site makes it easier to reach these goals.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Benefits Include Top Technology

Commercial laundry equipment benefits include some of the top technology that provides better cleaning and drying experiences. An example of one of the best features is the Opti-Dry features that are a part of RJ Kool dryers. This feature allows the dryers to shut off once the moisture content has achieved a certain level.

One of the hazards of having equipment managers decide how long to dry loads is drying at the wrong temperature or for too long. The settings on the dryers allow users to select what type of load is being dried, and the dryer will adjust the settings accordingly.

A common concern that equipment managers and other athletic staff have to contend with is having uniforms and other items fading because of drying at high temperatures. Having laundry facilities on-site makes it easier to wash and dry everything without worrying about outside facilities using equipment that washes and dries at the wrong temperatures.

The Latest Laundry Equipment for Personal Use is Easy to Use

If your athletic facility is on a college campus and busy students use your equipment, ease of use is an important factor. Greater ease of use is also important when your facility uses part-time staff who may have other important responsibilities.

For example, Unimac Unilinc is a brand with cycles easy to start using one push and easy English or Spanish instructions. One of the advantages of these hassle-free cycles is allowing detergents or additives to be dispensed in proper amounts.

In an athletic facility, having uniforms and other laundry items get dry as soon as possible matters. Another helpful feature is being able to extract water as quickly as possible, so the uniforms or towels don’t enter the dryers while soaking wet. You’ll see your total drying times drop fairly quickly.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Benefits: What Do You Need to Get the Best Equipment?

Having the best laundry equipment is crucial to keeping your team’s uniforms, towels, and linens looking their best. When your facility has equipment maximizing the best technology, you’ll have better-looking uniforms and also save a lot of money.

Partnering with the right laundry equipment provider will help you meet your goals. RJ Kool has the equipment that you need, specializing in brands using tp technology. Contact us to learn more about commercial laundry benefits and what they can do for your facility.

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