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How The Right Laundry Equipment Improves Safety and Sanitation

Laundry Equipment

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Laundry equipment is of great importance in many settings, especially healthcare. Bacteria and bloodborne pathogens are constant threats to the general public, as well s your staff and customers or patients. However, the good news is that the laundry machine industry is ready to meet these challenges.

Choosing the right equipment makes all the difference in the health and safety of your patients or customers and staff. Although sanitizing is not hard in and of itself, you need to pay attention to the processes that are involved. Read on to learn more about some of the features that are the most important for improving safety and sanitation.

Faster Cycle Times Help Get Your Laundry Cleaner, Faster

Everyone knows the importance of getting linens cleaned for convenience reasons, but there are also health and safety reasons to consider as well. The longer garments or linens go unwashed or improperly washed, the longer germs and bacteria have to grow. Stains are also more likely to become embedded the longer they go unwashed.

When the machines you use have faster cycling times, you can do more loads, in less time. Many of these machines also support the use of ozone for deeper cleaning and disinfecting. Your facility will have consistently clean items that look good.

Durable Laundry Equipment Helps You Keep Sanitation as a Priority

When the laundry equipment you use is durable, you’ll have fewer problems with your machines breaking down. Being prevented from cleaning dirty laundry is always a major inconvenience, as well as a health threat. Another problem is that you may have to spend time and money outsourcing your laundry if the situation persists for too long.

Having durable machines makes this frustrating scenario far less likely. In any industry where sanitation is of primary importance, keeping your machines running more efficiently will help you reach this goal. Your company can focus on business matters, instead of worrying too much about how you’re going to keep everything clean. Companies in proper control of their procedures usually last long-term.

The Right Machines Have Better, More Advanced Controls

In some industries, especially healthcare, it is important for laundry to wash at certain temperatures. Agencies like OSHA and the CDC have strict protocols for sanitizing against certain contagions. In addition to the proper temperature, you need to be able to control water levels and chemical dispensing to get the right amount of cleanliness.

Newer machines have better, smarter controls that make it easier to adjust these settings. The possibility of damage to loads because of user error is greatly decreased. With smarter controls, employees will get used t the procedures they need to learn more easily.

Being Able to Monitor Your Laundry Equipment Makes a Difference

Monitoring your laundry equipment is a crucial part of the overall site maintenance routine that you ought to have for your business. One of the key advantages that come with site monitoring includes making sure your machines are performing as you expect. In cases where employees have criteria they need to follow for doing laundry, you can make sure they are upholding the standards you have set.

If your company has employees who regularly perform laundry duties, monitoring is often helpful for employee support, training and onboarding. Another reason your company may benefit from monitoring machines is by identifying problems that require resolution. With sanitation being more important than ever, getting a handle on such problems early matters.

Making changes to the equipment you use for laundry is an important decision likely to have benefits for you in the long run. RJ Kool specializes in laundry equipment for many industries, so contact us today to learn more about what options we have for your business.

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