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How Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment Actually Saves You Money

How Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment Actually Saves You Money

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There are plenty of benefits to be found with quality commercial laundry equipment. The technology alone makes everything much easier to use and the equipment functions much better.

Older washers and dryers wastewater, energy, can leak, break down, and even ruin the fabrics of the items being laundered. Whether you operate a laundromat, a gym, or a multi-family apartment building, quality equipment makes a big difference.

How Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment Actually Saves You Money

Investing in quality commercial laundry equipment will vastly improve the way the laundry gets done. They also save you money.

Saves on Energy

Quality commercial laundry equipment can help reduce your environmental footprint while saving money in utility costs. Energy-efficient equipment uses less electricity and water and still performs as well, if not better than other equipment.

Even with the high cost of the equipment, your savings will more than pay for the equipment in a short period of time. If your commercial equipment is for public use, you will reap the benefits from happy customers.

Saves Water

These machines use less energy and less water. Just the cost of heating the water is expensive. High-tech machines have sensors that adjust the water levels to meet the load.

Less water used is less water wasted. Older, top-loading machines can use almost 20 gallons of water per load. The bottom line is that cheaper machines cost you more to use.

Load Capacity

Quality commercial laundry equipment can also save you money due to the large load capacity. A larger load can handle a lot more laundry items, allowing the user to wash two, to three times the amount of laundry.

This saves time and labor costs. The ability to process more laundry at once can eliminate the need to do several loads per visit. It can be done in far less time, moving people through much faster.

For a family with small children, this is a massive time-saver. Rather than having to use up several machines at once or wait for machines to become available, they can do everything in one or two loads.

Repairs and Service Calls

When you invest in quality commercial laundry equipment you don’t need to worry about the machines breaking down. Down machines are lost revenue. When you get quality commercial machines they often have a maintenance service included.

Older machines break down, damage clothing, leak, and they cost you money to run, repair, and eventually replace. Why not replace them with quality equipment that will last for years.

New equipment won’t break down as much. Technology advancements mean there are less exposed dials and knobs. These get broken, fall off, and water, dirt, and soap get in and start to erode the inner workings as well and the outside of the machine.

More Customers

Quality commercial laundry equipment will make your guests or tenants very happy. No one wants to visit a laundromat that has old machines that don’t work.

In an apartment complex, the convenience of having on-site laundry facilities is diminished if the machines are not functioning. Better machines mean people will keep using them, which is your revenue.

Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment

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