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How to Determine Your Next Commercial Laundry Machine for Your Car Wash

Purchasing Laundry Equipment for car wash

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Installing a commercial laundry machine for your car wash is critical to supplying staff with a consistent supply of fresh, clean towels throughout the workday.

The setup and workflow at a car wash present unique requirements for a commercial laundry machine. At RJ Kool, we are experienced in assisting car washes throughout the Midwest with their commercial laundry needs.

In this guide, we provide information to help you determine what kind of commercial laundry machine will meet the needs of your business.

Look for a High Spin, High G-Force Washer-Extractor as Your Next Commercial Laundry Machine for Your Car Wash

Time is of the essence when cleaning towels at car washes. Employees require a constant supply of towels for wiping down and drying vehicles at a quick rate.

We know that car wash customers expect their vehicles to come out of the car washes with a squeaky clean, streak-free look, and we’re here to assist our car wash clients by providing top-notch laundry equipment.

As such, it’s important to choose a high spin extractor model that will spin as much water out of the towel as possible, as fast as possible.

You’ll also want to choose a washer-extractor that sustains a high g-force. At RJ Kool, we recommend choosing a model that can produce at least 500 g-forces in its spin cycle. This amount of force will remove significantly more liquid from the towels

By choosing a high spin extractor, you can eliminate the need to put the towels through a tumble dry before returning them to service. Instead, towels are run through the washer and come out clean, slightly damp, and ready for use. Since overly dry towels can be too abrasive on some vehicle paint and detailing, choosing a washer that leaves your towels clean and slightly damp is a perfect solution.

Choose A Heavy-Duty Commercial Machine

Since car washes are wet environments with lots of chemicals, grime, and vehicle oils soaking up into the towels, it’s best to choose a heavy-duty laundry machine. Look for one designed to withstand consistent use throughout the workday, and the corrosive liquids, vehicle oils, and grime that will be soaked into the towels.

By not investing in a heavy-duty, durable commercial machine, you risk the machine rusting and breaking down from corrosion or overwork.

You’ll Likely Need a Soft Mount Commercial Laundry Machine for Your Car Wash

Since most car washes are not constructed from heavy-duty reinforced concrete slabs, hard-mount washers bolted to a concrete floor usually will not fit your environment. Rather, look for a soft mount machine that can be placed close to your employees for easy access to fresh, clean towels.

Consider Using a Tumbler Dryer

Installing a tumbler dryer can be an excellent choice for keeping up a consistent extra supply of completely clean, dry towels on hand.

While the high spin washer-extractor can handle on-shift towel wipe-down demands, the dryer can ensure your team doesn’t get bogged down in damp towels.

If you want to save on energy costs, look for a soft mount dryer that has moisture sensors, triggering the machine to shut off when the towels are dry, regardless of the drying time set.

Contact the Commercial Laundry Experts at RJ Kool

At RJ Kool, we understand the specific laundry requirements of our Midwest car wash customers.

We can help our customers plan an ideal commercial laundry setup that will keep clean, ready-to-use towels inconsistent circulation for your car washes staff.

If you operate a car wash in the Midwest, reach out to us today to plan the installation of your commercial laundry machine for your car wash.

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