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Importance of Proper Maintenance to Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

commercial laundry maintenance

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Staying on top of the maintenance of your commercial laundry equipment is vital. Just like your car or any other household appliances, regular maintenance keeps them working longer and better.

For commercial laundry equipment, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual checks should be adhered to. We ask a lot of them, it’s the least we can do to make sure they perform as they are meant to.

Proper Maintenance to Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

Commercial laundry equipment is often running all day, if not around the clock. Many can be programmed to run if people are not around. Keeping them well maintained will allow them to do that.

Peak Functioning Levels

Just because your commercial washers and dryers are made to work hard doesn’t mean they don’t need a little help. Keeping them clean, the area around them clean, and checking for problems will keep them running as they are meant to.

Your business depends on these machines to perform at a certain level you are used to. You build your reputation around it. When they are out of action, that can mean lost revenue for your company and even lost customers or guests.

Better Results

With proper maintenance to your commercial laundry equipment, your laundry will always come out perfectly. If your laundry contains oil, grease, blood, chemicals, or other substances, it can transfer to other items.

Keeping the inside and outside of your laundry equipment will make sure this doesn’t happen. Cleaning out the lint trap and wiping down the machines after each use will help you get the best results each time.

If sheets go into a machine that had something greasy in it beforehand, that can completely ruin those sheets. Leftover bleach or chemicals can ruin uniforms, towels, or tablecloths.

Cut Utility Costs

Beyond keeping the washers and dryers clean, is checking the hoses, attachments, filters, and all of the other moving parts. Having these inspected regularly will make sure there are no potential problems.

When hoses or other parts become faulty or rusted, they can cause the machines to work much harder. This uses more water, more energy, and can take much longer to complete the cycle,

If you lease or rent your equipment, these checks should all be part of your contract. The people who service these machines will know them best and will take all the preventive steps to keep them in tip-top shape.

Less Downtime

When your equipment is allowed to break down, that means you are not working at the level you need to be. And that means unhappy customers or guests.

Whether you need these machines for a hotel, a hospital, a spa, or a gym, you need to meet the deadlines. Without proper maintenance to your commercial laundry equipment, that means a loss of revenue.

Proper maintenance also relates to less money spent on repairs. When the equipment is not functioning, there is also the cost of repairing or replacing these machines.

Proper Maintenance to Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

At the first sign of something wrong, call in the experts. You can’t afford to let these machines break down. The best defense against faulty equipment is prevention.

Knowing when to call in the pros will save a lot of time and money. Keeping your laundry equipment well-maintained is the best way to keep them and your business running.

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