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Parts to Check When Buying Used Commercial Laundry Machines

used commercial laundry machines

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Are you thinking about purchasing a few used commercial laundry machines for your business?

This isn’t a bad idea, provided you do your homework and make sure you’re getting something reliable. Especially in the day and age of selling goods on Facebook or Craigslist, it’s easy to purchase junk equipment from an unscrupulous seller. Therefore, it helps to only make serious business purchases through a reputable supplier, like RJ Kool.

Whichever way you choose to buy used laundry machines, we always recommend inspecting the most vital equipment parts and components before paying for anything.

Checking the Parts on Used Commercial Laundry Machines

  1. Washer Hoses
    • It’s important to have the right hoses (free of leaks) to operate a washing machine. This should include hot and cold water hookups and a hose for drainage.
  2. Washer Pump
    • If the water pump is on the skids, you’ll run into problems draining or cycling the washer tub. You should have the seller demonstrate these items are functioning correctly.
  3. Dryer Heating Element
    • Usually, if there isn’t enough heat to dry clothes, it’s because the heating element (or something connected to it) has damage.
  4. Other Electrical Components
    • You’ll also want to test to make sure the machine will actually start when you plug it in and press buttons. Don’t forget that if you own a facility built over 30 years ago, you may require different electrical cords for your washer or dryer.

Finally, we should include a quick warning about factory versus generic parts. Especially if you’re going to replace anything, it’s important to purchase the factory components rather than take chances with generic alternatives. You could end up with far worse problems by using poorly fitted belts, inadequate healing elements, and so forth.

Should You Even Bother with Used Commercial Laundry Machines?

You may be wondering whether to bother with used machines at all. How do you know whether you should buy used or new commercial laundry equipment?

Many industry experts would advise against buying anything that’s over two or three years old. It’s just too risky, and the seller may just be desperate to get something off their hands, regardless of whether the machines work. Most of the time, buying used also means you’re sacrificing quality because pre-owned models don’t have the same energy ratings, washing/drying settings, or capability of cleaning clothes as effectively.

Check out our Selection of Quality Pre-Owned Washers & Dryers

RJ Kool has a small selection of used commercial equipment if you want to find older items in working order. The size, strength, and sophistication of the machines you use should depend on what kind of business you run.

There’s not the same need for high-powered g-force cleaning if you run a small laundry room for an apartment complex. Then again, you may wish to pursue something more advanced, like ozone cleaning, to eliminate germs faster for a high-volume healthcare site. At either rate, you’re welcome to explore our selections from trusted brands such as UniMac, Maytag, Aquawing, and Milnor.

RJ Kool: The Midwest’s Most Trusted Laundry Machine Supplier

So, if you’re looking for new or used commercial laundry machines for your business, we invite you to look over our selection or call us for further assistance. RJ Kool exists to help businesses solve their laundry log jams by providing reliable washers and dryers that won’t fall apart the third time you use them.

We now operate locations in many cities throughout the Midwest, including Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis, and Tulsa. Plus, if you need help with machines from any manufacturer, then you can rely on our experienced service techs to handle any broken part. We’ve seen it all in our 50+ years in the commercial laundry business.

Contact RJ Kool anytime to learn even more about affordable and effective used commercial laundry machines.

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