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Should You Buy Used or New Commercial Laundry Equipment

commercial laundry equipment

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When it comes to commercial laundry equipment, there are pros and cons to both buying new and buying used. Buying used equipment for a commercial laundry is an excellent way to save on upfront costs, but that could mean you’re trading off in several other ways.

This article explores multiple factors to consider when deciding whether to buy brand new, or previously owned, laundry equipment for use in your commercial facility.

Laundry Equipment Cost

One of the main advantages of buying used commercial laundry equipment is the cost. Previously owned equipment is generally less expensive than new equipment, making it a more budget-friendly option for businesses. However, it’s important to keep in mind that used equipment may require more maintenance and repairs, which could increase the overall cost over time.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Quality

New commercial laundry equipment is generally of a higher quality than used equipment. Since new equipment is made with the latest technology and materials, it often results in having products with better performance and a longer lifespan.

Used equipment, on the other hand, may not be as reliable or efficient. Pre-owned machines may also be difficult to find replacement parts for, and you could have difficulty finding professionals willing to repair the equipment when needed.

Equipment Warranty

New commercial laundry equipment often comes with a warranty from the manufacturer, which provides peace of mind and protection against any issues that may arise. Used equipment usually does not come with a warranty, either because the warranty has already expired or because it cannot be transferred to a second owner.

Laundry Energy Efficiency

Many newer models of laundry equipment are more energy efficient than older models. This can have a major impact on the long-term operation of your business. Since new machines are designed to use less water and less electricity, this often creates substantial cost savings over the lifetime of the equipment.

Obviously, more energy efficient machines also create a much smaller carbon footprint for your business, and this can pay off in your advertising. Since the carbon footprint of a company is important in many communities, you can advertise the energy efficiency of your machines to draw in new customers, if this is important for the area your laundry operates in.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Financing options

Financing options may be more readily available for new laundry equipment than used equipment. This can make it easier for businesses to purchase new equipment, especially if they don’t have the cash on hand to pay for it upfront.

Equipment Resale Value

If you plan to resell the laundry equipment in the future, new equipment may have a higher resale value than used equipment. This is because new equipment is typically in better condition and may have a longer lifespan.

Commercial Laundry Environmental Impact

Buying new commercial laundry equipment may have a larger environmental impact due to the resources and energy required to manufacture it. On the other hand, buying used equipment can be seen as a more environmentally-friendly option, as it helps to reduce waste and the demand for new resources.

Ultimately, the decision to buy used or new commercial laundry equipment will depend on your business’s needs and budget. If cost is a major concern, used equipment may be the more practical option. However, if you prioritize quality and reliability, new equipment may be the better choice. It’s also a good idea to consider financing options and the potential resale value of the equipment when making your decision.

When you’re ready for help, the team at RJ Kool is always ready to help you understand the full pros and cons of buying used or new laundry equipment.

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