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Pros & Cons of Buying Pre-owned Laundry Equipment

pre-owned laundry equipment

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Buying Pre-owned Laundry Equipment is an option many new business owners don’t always consider. Having this option, however, can be helpful to businesses and organizations on a tight budget. There are several other benefits to buying used commercial laundry equipment, but there are also several cons.

In this article we’ll weigh those pros and cons so that you can make the most informed decision for your own commercial laundry equipment needs.

Pros of Buying Pre-owned Laundry Equipment

The Cost Reduction Can Be Substantial

One of the main benefits of buying pre-owned commercial equipment is the cost savings. Pre-owned laundry equipment is typically available at a lower price than new equipment, making it a more budget-friendly option for businesses of all sizes. This savings is the most beneficial to small or newly opened businesses, particularly when commercial laundry equipment is not the primary focus of business operations.

Buying Used Reduces Waste

Purchasing pre-owned equipment can help to reduce waste and the demand for new resources. This means there is less trash that gets sent to the landfill, and there are less resources used to create new machines.

Better Availability

Pre-owned equipment may be more readily available than new equipment, especially if you are looking for a specific model or brand. This is particularly helpful when there are supply chain disruptions, such as those we saw during the Covid pandemic. Instead of ordering and waiting for new units to arrive, you can simply buy used machines and have them delivered almost immediately.

Cons of Buying Pre-owned Laundry Equipment

Quality May Be Lower

Used laundry equipment may not be of the same quality as new equipment. While there are always high and low end equipment purchasing options, it’s difficult to determine which an older model machine was. If you select used laundry equipment that was a basic low cost model when it was new, then it is much farther behind in quality compared to newer models. Be sure to carefully inspect the used equipment before making a purchase to ensure that it has enough quality for your business needs.

Limited or No Warranty

Pre-owned equipment may not come with a warranty, or the warranty may have already expired. This can make it riskier to purchase, as any issues that arise may not be covered. Sometimes an older machine may still be under warranty however, but that warranty will not transfer to a new owner.

Equipment Age

Used laundry equipment is typically older than new equipment, which can result in shorter lifespan and increased maintenance and repair costs. If the equipment is severely aged or discontinued, replacement parts may not be available for repairs.

Older Technology

If you purchase pre-owned laundry equipment that is somewhat aged, it may not have the latest technology or features. This can impact the equipment’s efficiency and effectiveness, and it can also cause your company to sustain higher water and electric bills.

Ultimately, the decision to buy pre-owned or new laundry equipment will depend on your business’s needs and budget. Pre-owned equipment can be a cost-effective option, but it’s important to carefully assess the condition of the equipment and consider the potential risks and limitations. If you do decide to purchase pre-owned equipment, it’s a good idea to work with a reputable dealer or seller to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product.

Contact RJ Kool before buying pre-owned laundry equipment so we can help you select the best options for your needs.

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