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Tips for Purchasing Quality Preowned Commercial Laundry Equipment

Preowned Commercial Laundry Equipment

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Preowned commercial laundry equipment is a very budget-conscious way to make sure your facility has the equipment you need. Although some are hesitant to buy used equipment, when using the right provider, you can get something as top-quality as what you would buy new.

Here are some helpful tips about what to look for when you purchase used laundry equipment.

Find Out About Repair and Maintenance Plans Available

One of the most important things to consider s what type of maintenance you will receive in the long run. Having an equipment provider who will be there for you after your purchase is always the most helpful. You may feel greatly relieved to know that service will remain available for you past the purchase.

When something goes wrong, it is always comforting to know that help is readily available. When you combine a speedy repair service with regular maintenance plans, your facility will be in good hands. You can focus your attention on your customer’s needs instead of worrying about how repair and maintenance will be dealt with.

Learn What is Available for Installation Options for Preowned Commercial Laundry Equipment

Although preowned commercial laundry equipment dealers customarily provide installation services, not all are necessarily fast. Buying used does not mean that the need for the equipment is any less urgent. A quality dealer should treat all their orders with the same priority level according to your needs.

The dealer you work with should be well-equipped to have everything operational as soon as possible. However, it doesn’t hurt to find out about possible delays that may impact the delivery and installation. Being prepared for a problem instead of dealing with it later is always better.

Find Out About Any Warranties Available on the Equipment

Buying used doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. The best companies that offer this equipment provide limited warranties that offer peace of mind. When you have equipment still within the warranty period, you are quite well-protected.

You’ll have extra assurance when these products are under warranty and come from some of the top manufacturers. When your laundry equipment comes from the best brands, your business can take advantage of the same quality level that would be in a new product. These washers and dryers might last for several more years when kept maintained.

Preowned Commercial Laundry Equipment: Find Out About the Technicians’ Skill Levels

Many have the misconception that installing commercial laundry machines is the same as installing residential machines and that it doesn’t matter who installs them. However, this is not true because commercial laundry equipment requires a special skill set. An inexperienced person doing the installation can cause a substantial amount of damage.

One of the things you want to look for is technicians who updated certifications. In the best case, these technicians are in-house and receive continuous training to remain updated. The commercial laundry industry has ever-changing demands, requiring technicians to stay ahead of the changes.

See What Type of Reputation the Distributor Has

The company that you use should make you feel confident about your decision. There are a lot of resources that you can use to check up on a company’s reputation. A lot of positive reviews are good, as well as indicators that they dealt with any problems like professionals.

Some of the things to look for include response time, professionalism, regard for safety, and how well the distributor dealt with any concerns or complaints. A company with a solid reputation will do everything possible to stand by that reputation.

When you need a distributor for buying laundry equipment, RJ Kool offers the full range of products and services that you need. Contact us today for all your preowned commercial laundry equipment needs.

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