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Questions to Ask Before Purchasing New Commercial Laundry for Fire Departments

Commercial Laundry for Fire Departments

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Commercial laundry equipment for fire departments has some important considerations that don’t apply to other industries. You should probably expect to give the laundry equipment as much consideration as you would give your trucks or other vehicles.

Cleaning laundry used in firefighting situations involves using careful processes for effective decontamination. Read on to learn what questions you need to ask before buying fire department laundry equipment.

Will Multiple Machines Be Necessary to Meet Department Needs?

A laundry equipment provider can help guide you through the process of deciding how many machines you need and if you need to place the machines at multiple locations. The size of your department will determine how many machines are ideal. When the number of machines you have is large enough to support your department’s needs, you have better protection in the event of an equipment breakdown.

NFPA 1851 determines the criteria for laundry equipment used by fire departments. The total capacity for most of these washers and dryers ranges from 40 to 140 pounds. To put everything in perspective, the 140-pound capacity machines can handle a dozen turnout sets very easily.

How Will We Afford Our Commercial Laundry for Fire Departments Equipment?

Commercial laundry for fire departments is an item that needs to be considered as an important part of your departmental budget. A laundry equipment provider should be able to provide guidance about what equipment is available that meets your budget guidelines. One thing that is refreshing for many decision-makers to know is that financing is available to put this equipment within easier reach.

One of the most important things to remember is that although fire department laundry equipment is a major expense, it is vital to the health and safety of fire department personnel. The gear that firefighters use is, first and foremost, safety equipment. Using the right equipment for laundry helps clear away dangerous carcinogens that cause cancer and other diseases.

How Much Space Will the Laundry Equipment Take Up in the Station?

Space is an important factor when buying laundry equipment for an existing fire station. For example, the laundry equipment will need to be 480v/three-phase kept in a separate area from the living quarters. One of the most important reasons for keeping the laundry area separate from the living area is the amount of noise the machines generate.

In cases where you are purchasing equipment for a new station, you can focus much of the station’s design around accommodating your equipment. When the presence of these machines plays a role in the overall design, you won’t encounter the types of difficulties that may otherwise arise Adding additional equipment or replacing old and malfunctioning equipment is easier when the station has been designed with the laundry facilities in mind.

Commercial Laundry for Fire Departments: What Changes Do I Need to Make to my Utilities for the New Equipment?

Many laundry machines use 480v/three-phase power that must already be present in the building to work properly. When available, three-phase power will exact less wear on the machines. Other units may feature 120V or 280V power.

One of the things you need to ask about is how the washing machines will drain. If a concrete trench must be part of the drainage system, you’ll need to allow the extra space in your design to account for this trench. If the decon, laundry, and janitorial spaces are in one area, figuring out the logistics for your drainage is easier.

What to Do If You’re Ready to Start

If you’ve decided you’re ready to get started with ordering laundry equipment for your fire department, RJ Kool can help you with all your needs. If you need to order commercial laundry for fire department equipment, contact us today.

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