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Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring a Commercial Laundry Solution Provider

red flags look out for hiring commercial laundry solution provider

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When looking for commercial laundry equipment for your business or organization, you need to be aware that there are some less-than-desirable companies around before hiring a commercial laundry provider.

You might think you are saving money by choosing one that is seriously undercutting their competition, but it could be a big mistake. Sometimes, people are only interested in making a quick payday.

Warning Signs to Watch For

When looking for a vendor or dealership for commercial laundry equipment, there are going to be some obvious signs that the company is not worthwhile, and some signs that are not.

No Online Presence

People always start their search online. This is the best way to look at their website, check prices, see what types of equipment they have, and customer reviews.

However, you need to find a forum or a website that also does reviews. No one is going to post bad reviews on their own site. Always make sure you find a neutral source online that reviews that particular company.

No Licenses

You can always check their website for their license number before hiring a commercial laundry provider. It should be posted right on their website. People may have a working knowledge of how to install or operate these types of machines, but it doesn’t mean they should be.

No Insurance

Everything may seem fine until long after they have left. Someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing or doesn’t really care will often cut corners.

They may hook up washers or dryers wrong. Skipping safety procedures, crossing wires, causing damages that you are unaware of, and not mounting the equipment properly.

This can cause the machines to crack the floor, come unattached, and cause even more damage. Washers can cause major floors if not properly installed, dryers can start fires, and bypass all sorts of safety precautions.

If the safety features are not connected, then people can get injured, as well as causing serious damage to the room or the building. Scalding water, overheating dryers, auto-shutdown not connected.

Once the damage is done, you will likely never see these so-called service technicians again. Without insurance, you are left on the hook to pay for it all. Now, you have to call in someone to fix everything and start all over.

No Experience

When someone says on their website that they have 30 years of experience, you should never blindly believe them. While it is ridiculous for someone to make a claim that can be easily checked, people will still do it.

Check out some of the jobs they state that they have done. Their previous and current customers should be all too happy to tell you about how they feel about that particular supplier.

Cheaper is not always better. They may charge you less but they may take two or three times as long, not have the parts, or be completely out of their depth when it comes to installations, repairs, or knowledge about the equipment.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and for a fresh new company, they may charge a lot less to gain experience. But it is important you check them out completely before hiring them. Again, look for online presence, the Better Business Bureau, and past or current customers.

Unrecognizable Brands

Finding out what brands they carry is also important. If they are names you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce, then they are often of lesser quality. You may also have a lot of problems when it comes to service, parts, and repairs.


If no one offers you a warranty or the entire agreement doesn’t seem to cover what you need, that is another red flag. Any company and manufacturer will be proud to stand behind their brands, their service, and all their work.

Trust The Pros

If you are stuck, ask around to organizations similar to yours for advice. Happy customers are willing to talk, as are unhappy ones. You can learn a lot that way.

Feel free to contact RJ Kool for any tips, recommendations, or information on the best types of laundry machines for your company. We have been around a long time, carry top brand names, and will guide you through the entire process.

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