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Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Apartment Complex Laundry Equipment

apartment complex laundry equipment

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Your apartment complex laundry equipment gets quite a workout. In use every single day, often all day, it can really take its toll. If your machines are getting old and not working very well, it can cost you in many different ways.

Upgrading can help you keep that revenue coming and keep your tenants happy. Upgrades can also offer many more conveniences to you and to the tenants who use them.

Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Apartment Complex Laundry Equipment

With advances in technology, there is no reason why your apartment complex laundry equipment should be struggling to work.

Too Many Repairs

If you see your repair team more than most tenants, it’s time to upgrade those machines. New, well-maintained laundry equipment will last a lot longer without the fear of them breaking down.

If people are meant to rely on a few machines, it might be easier for them to just take their laundry off-site. It can be very frustrating for everyone, but if the machine can’t finish a cycle, you need to look at replacing it.

They Are Too Old

Sometimes machines make a lot of noise, they may move across the room during a spin cycle, or they smell. No one wants to use a machine like that. There could be mold or something stuck from someone’s laundry.

There are many new ways to make the laundry experience more pleasant, and risking putting your good clothes in an old, rusty, leaking, noisy machine is not going to cut it.

Your Utilities Are Too High

Older machines in need of repair have to work twice as hard to get the job done. That can run your energy bill way up. New commercial apartment complex laundry equipment is much more energy-efficient.

They can use less water, less energy, take less time, and help save your water and power bills. Many of them are programmable for smaller loads and shorter cycles.

Advanced Technology

One of the biggest improvements is the options for cashless payments. This gives your tenants more options for how they want to pay for their laundry and it keeps your equipment safe from damage and theft.

Card readers, mobile apps, and other loyalty programs are in use everywhere. These make it much easier for you and for your tenants. It makes it more convenient and much safer for your tenants.

You are Losing Business

If your tenants are going down the block to the big shiny new laundromat to do their clothes, that is revenue you are missing out on. You may need to upgrade your apartment complex laundry equipment to meet their needs.

They will go where it is safe, convenient and the machines are easy and nice to use. Offering laundry facilities as an amenity is only a good deal if the laundry facilities you provide are worth using at all.

Apartment Complex Laundry Equipment

Old, smelly, leaking laundry equipment just won’t cut it. If you are looking to expand the laundry area, don’t just get a few new machines. Make them all the same for consistency.

Keep the revenue coming in by keeping up with the laundry times. People will go where it is most convenient and pleasant, regardless of where they have to go. You want them to stay home and use your equipment. Make that happen.

For more information about commercial washers and dryers for apartment complexes, call us today at RJ Kool. We can help you with new or used equipment to fit your needs perfectly.

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