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Tips for Creating a Functional Multi-family Laundry Room

multi-family laundry room

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What are the most important considerations for establishing a multi-family laundry room?

There are certain things you’ll want to know if you own or manage an apartment complex, university dorm, nursing home, or any other multi-tenant facility with community laundry. RJ Kool offers effective design consulting solutions for landlords who want to create a laundry room from scratch. There’s also the matter of finding the right machines for the job, given your tenants and purposes.

Designing a Multi-family Laundry Room

We approach the project of creating a functional laundry room by considering a few significant variables: overall planning, size/volume requirements, utility schedules, and demonstrating how to use equipment.

  • Planning
    • The planning stage is more complex if you’re a large hospital with dozens of machines operating all the time. Smaller operations, however, still need to be deliberate about layout designs, access to electricity and water, and how to furnish equipment safely.
  • Size Requirements
    • How big does your equipment need to be? What about the size of your laundry room, including the location of doors, windows, utility lines access, and so forth? We accomplish this by creating detailed blueprints and schemes for where everything will fit.
  • Utility Schedules
    • This is where we would determine the timing and capacity for utility delivery. It’s vital to know your facility’s requirements for gas, water, electricity, exhaust, ventilation, and so forth.
  • How to Use Everything
    • We never leave a project without showing you how to operate everything. Our technicians will show you all the best practices, how to troubleshoot minor hang-ups, and when to call for help if a machine trips out with an error code.

What are the Best Laundry Machines?

Machine selection will depend mostly upon the size and scope of your operation. While we dedicate a lot of our business to larger clientele, like hospitals, who run heavy volumes, a small residential complex doesn’t require the same machine sophistication. If you’re running an organization with a steady volume of laundry, then you may wish to invest in heavy-duty commercial products like the equipment from UniMac.

Then again, you may find new or pre-owned items from LG or Maytag to be more suitable for small-to-medium sized residential laundry rooms. There are also plenty of options for coin-op and card-reading machines for receiving payments. Whichever you approach you select, we can help hook it up and teach you all the essential preventative maintenance techniques.

What About Upgrading an Existing Laundry System?

We can also help you remedy problems if you have a functional laundry room, but struggle with outdated equipment. This involves inspecting your site to see whether your current machinery will last much longer and identifying where to make upgrades. These are the top signs you need to upgrade your multi-family laundry equipment.

  1. The demand for laundry has increased lately, but you don’t have anywhere near enough washers or dryers.
  2. You’re experiencing lots of breakdowns with the dryer heating element breaking or water pumps failing to drain water from the washers.
  3. Your community’s utility bill is higher, which may be because of outdated, energy-consuming equipment.
  4. You’d also like to pursue laundry technology that doesn’t use as much water and has more cleaning settings.
  5. You’ve gotten a few complaints that washers and dryers aren’t getting clothes clean or dry enough to their satisfaction.

Contact RJ Kool to Learn About Designing an Effective Multi-family Laundry Room

Multi-family laundry rooms are a terrific way to satisfy your tenants needs, especially for folks who lack washer/dryer hook-ups. If that’s the case, then you may be a great candidate for our services. We can help you conduct a needs assessment of your facility, estimate costs, select equipment, and troubleshoot problems if they occur later.

Contact us today to build an effective multi-family laundry room for your apartment complex, HOA, or townhome community.

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