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Tips for Vended Laundry Equipment Upgrades

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Vended laundry equipment is an important part of laundry facilities, and new technology is constantly paving the way for improvements. Using the right solutions helps ensure that the machines always function at their best for those involved.

When you need to upgrade your equipment, it is important to make choices that represent the best you can provide for your business and its employees. Read on to learn more about some important tips to keep in mind when doing upgrades.

App-Controlled Machines for Better Efficiency

Machines that are easier to control with an app make it easier to change the settings when you’re not present. When machines wash or dry more efficiently, customers are happier overall. How efficiently the machines wash or dry is one of the greatest factors that customers keep in mind when deciding where to do their laundry.

For example, if your facility has machines dedicated to industrial needs, you can control these settings to conform to special needs more easily. If your facility serves a lot of healthcare workers, for example, the criteria for washing and drying scrubs may vary when there is an epidemic that requires washing and drying at specific temperatures.

Remote Shut-Off Can Be Useful for Vended Laundry Equipment

Vended laundry equipment today often has advanced features like remote shutoff that you can put to use when a problem arises. If your laundry facility is only partially staffed or without staff, you want to have a way to shut down machines if there is a dangerous situation likely to cause injury or damage. Shutting your machines off remotely can give you and your customers greater peace of mind.

A common problem that occurs in many self-service laundry facilities is too many customers loitering around at or too close to closing time. Sometimes the issue is customers who waited too late to start loads, and sometimes the issue is too many distractions from video games or similar items. Shutting machines off remotely at specified times will send a message that customers should not wait until the last minute. When customers cannot access video games or vending machines after a certain time, this will also discourage loitering.

Get Easier Reporting on Your Revenues

Keeping track of your revenues is important for bookkeeping and tax purposes. There are a few ways of managing revenues that are easier than using automated methods. When you’re managing a laundry facility, the last thing that you want to worry about is struggling to find out how much you earned at the end of the fiscal year.

When your machines can keep track of revenues for you, the process is much more streamlined. One of the things you can do is compare revenue cycles to look for any drastic changes. Being aware of these changes can keep you aware of what you need to do for improvement and what you need to continue that’s working on.

Vended Laundry Equipment: Look at More Cashless Options

Many using laundry facilities prefer to use a laundromat that offers cashless options. There are many who prefer not to keep a lot of cash on them, including change. Keeping cash at hand is a safety concern, and many find counting out change for laundry a needless hassle.

Using a card that the user can reload offers greater peace of mind. Another option is to use mobile cash app systems, which are popular among many for managing everyday expenses. Many convenience-minded customers will opt for a laundry facility that fits in with their lifestyle over one that doesn’t.

Upgrading your laundry equipment always works best when you opt for the most customer-focused options. At RJ Kool, we offer the vended laundry equipment you need, so contact us today to see how we may help you.

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