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What is a Base and Why Do Commercial Washers Need One?

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Commercial washers are essential in any laundry operation, so it’s important to make sure they run smoothly and safely. One often overlooked but vital part is the base for these washers. This simple and effective device greatly improves the functionality and ergonomics of commercial washing machines.

The Role of a Base and Why Commercial Washers Require It

A base for a commercial washer is a high structural steel platform placed underneath the washer to raise it. This elevation offers two primary benefits: improved ergonomics and enhanced drainage. Depending on the washer model, especially those in the midline to value line category, the baskets and doors are closer to the ground, making loading and unloading more challenging.

Benefits of the Device

1. Ergonomic Benefits

One of the key reasons to use a base is to improve ergonomics. By raising the washer, it becomes easier to load and unload laundry, reducing the strain on workers. This is particularly important for washers with lower doors, as constantly bending over to handle heavy loads can lead to physical discomfort and potential injury. A raised washer height minimizes the need to bend, making the process more comfortable and safer for users.

2. Enhanced Drainage

Another significant benefit of using a base is to facilitate proper drainage. Commercial washers typically utilize gravity drainage systems. When the machine’s drainage point is too low, it can hinder the efficient removal of water. By raising the washer, a base ensures there is enough drop for the water to flow out effectively, preventing drainage issues and ensuring the machine operates smoothly.

Alternative Models

Some commercial washer models are designed with a higher door-to-floor dimension, eliminating the need for an additional base. These higher-value machines come integrated with this feature, making them suitable for installations where a base might otherwise be necessary. However, for most midline to value line washers, a base remains an essential component.

Application Specificity

The need for a base is often determined by the specific application and installation environment. It is not necessarily market-specific but rather facility-specific. If the installation site has a flat concrete floor without a raised housekeeping pad, a base will likely be required to ensure proper drainage and ergonomic loading and unloading.

Installation Considerations

When installing commercial washers, several factors must be considered to determine if a base is necessary. These include:

  • Floor Level: If the floor is flat and low to the ground, a base is typically required.
  • Drainage Elevation: If the drainage point is elevated, the washer must be higher than the drain to ensure proper water flow.
  • Ergonomics: To make the loading and unloading process more comfortable for workers, a base is recommended.

Frequency of Use and Ergonomic Benefits

In approximately 85% of installations, a metal base is used under the washer. This widespread use underscores its importance in ensuring proper machine function and worker safety. By making the loading and unloading process easier, a base helps prevent injuries related to lifting heavy loads and reduces potential worker compensation claims.

In Summary

Using a base for commercial washers is a simple yet crucial investment. It improves ergonomics, ensures proper drainage, and enhances the overall functionality of the washer. If you have any questions or need assistance with your commercial laundry setup, contact us for expert advice and support.

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