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What is Ozone for Commercial Laundry?

commercial laundry ozone

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We have all heard about our ozone layer, but what is ozone for commercial laundry? Ozone is a gas that is used for oxidizing, bleaching, disinfecting, and deodorizing.

In its natural state, it keeps us safe from the ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun. When ozone is added to laundry it helps to increase performance and cleaning power.

What is Ozone for Commercial Laundry?

Ozone for commercial laundry is just another way technology has improved the way we do laundry. For your commercial laundry, it can make a huge difference.

One of the biggest advancements is using ozone. An elaborate system now can create oozing by combining oxygen and electricity. It’s the same recipe for lightning.

The ozone in the water can oxidize the organic materials that are staining and soiling your clothes. Materials like mold, bacteria, blood, soil and many others are dissolved.

Benefits of Ozone for Commercial Laundry

Ozone for commercial laundry can remove problem stains, viruses, and kill germs all without using powerful chemicals like bleach and eliminate the need for scalding hot water.

Ozone can kill germs and bacteria 3000 times better and faster than bleach. This is an amazing way to sanitize your laundry every single load. For healthcare facilities, correctional institutions, colleges, hotels, and more, it’s making a massive improvement on how clean their laundry can get.

Save Money on Water, Energy, Labor

But not just sanitation is important. It is cutting costs in areas where it counts. A hotel, hospital, or any large facility uses tons of water every day. A hospital alone uses hundreds of gallons a day.

Cutting back on the water usage for a laundry system that is running around the clock is going to make a significant difference in your water usage and bill. But the ozone for commercial laundry also cuts more than water use.

It means the laundry can be cleaned much better without the use of harsh chemicals. ozone reverts to pure oxygen after use, there are no chemical residues. As the wash cycle needs fewer chemicals, a high level of disinfection can be achieved with ozone.

Without the need for chemicals, bleach, and extremely hot water, the wastewater is cleaner and there is less of it. There is no need for extra rinse cycles to get the chemicals out and the cost of heating the water is gone.

Less Time Spent, Linens Last Longer

The actual time it takes to complete the washing cycle is far less, meaning you can get more loads done in the same amount of time. You can set uploads to run during the evening when power consumption is less.

You don’t have to worry about replacing your linens as often, as they are not exposed to the chemicals, and washing and drying time is less. You don’t need to worry about fabric softeners as the ozone will soften the water.

Ozone for commercial laundry also means you can blend certain colors of fabric without the worry of them bleeding into the lighter colors and because you don’t need bleach, which ruins colored fabrics.

Ozone For Commercial Laundry

Regardless of the type of laundry service you have or provide, ozone for commercial laundry is making vast improvements to the way laundry is cleaned and processed.

For more information about an on-site ozone system for your business, please contact us here at RJ Kool. We have supplied hundreds of systems throughout the United States. Find out how your laundry can be upgraded to save you time and money.

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