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What to Look for in Commercial Laundry Maintenance and Service Agreements

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Having your commercial laundry equipment serviced and ongoing maintenance is vital for keeping them running and in ideal working order. Commercial laundry machines work far more than residential ones do.

Buying or leasing equipment needs so much more than delivery and set-up. You need someone to check on the equipment regularly to make sure nothing is going wrong or about to cause some potential damage.

Commercial Laundry Maintenance and Service Agreements

Your commercial laundry machines need regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. If even one machine stops working, you are losing valuable time and money.

Regular maintenance and repairs will keep the machines running when you need them and cut down on disruption of service. It also costs a lot less to keep them maintained than it does to pay for costly repairs and the damage to the rest of the area that may result.

Hiring professionals to keep your machines running keep your own maintenance team free to work on other things. They may cause more damage if they take the machine apart, which can also interfere with your warranty.

Areas that should be covered are:

Extended Warranty

For a commercial laundry, this should always be considered. Parts and labor, and call costs should be covered, as well as regular maintenance calls for service. Ideally, you want them to check about every three months, however, your contact may only cover an annual check.

Fixed Rates

You should not expect the cost of service, repairs, or emergency calls to go up in price during the entire time of your contract.

Emergency Calls

If something goes terribly wrong, you want to know your team will be able to come as soon as possible to get everything under control. A company that is well-stocked with parts, expertly trained technicians, and available around the clock will be well worth the cost and provide a great deal of peace of mind.

Also Included:

As to the actual areas that need attention, consider all moving and stationary parts.

Regular Cleaning

A check should include basic cleaning of the machines. The dryers can get lint stuck inside and it can build up, blocking the ventilation system. They can also cause fires to start, which is clearly dangerous and costly to clean up. The duct system needs regular cleaning, too.

The washers can also have lint, threads, buttons, snaps, and any other type of fixture that may become dislodged and block the drainage or stop the drum from turning or spinning.


Hoses can become blocked, clogged, cracked, loosened, come off the machine, develop holes, and other damages. A professional will know what to look for and where, so make sure that is part of the regular service and maintenance agreement.


Water leaks, gas leaks, hot air leaks, are all potentially dangerous and costly if left unchecked. Water leaking out will eventually start to cause damage to the outer parts of the machine, cause rust and corrosion, plus turn into a possible flood.


Cracks in the machines, on the outside of the body, the drums, or any other place may not be noticed by the people who use the equipment every day. Cracks can be a sign of something much worse.

These can be from leaks inside, chemicals leaking out, or rust and erosion somewhere deeper inside. Professionals are far more likely to notice rust around bolts, on corners, in the back of the machines, or even from the inside.

Preventative Laundry Maintenance

Keeping your machines in top working order will save you a lot of wasted time and money. With regular maintenance, you can rest assured that they will function for many years.

When machines break down, it slows down productivity, regardless of where it happens. Machines that are not working are lost income. Staying on top of machine care will extend their lives.

Keep in mind, you are not just paying for laundry maintenance but expert advice and knowledge. Your job is running the business, the technicians will worry about keeping the equipment running.

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