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What Should I Look For When Purchasing New Commercial Laundry Equipment?

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Are purchasing new commercial laundry equipment? Before diving in, it’s critical to fully understand what your needs are and how different types of equipment can provide specific solutions.

In this guide, we’ll break down the considerations for large commercial operations, the importance of choosing the right distributor, the role of technology, and the reliability factor. Strap in and get ready for an enlightening journey into the world of commercial laundry equipment.

Understanding Your Needs

Understanding the unique needs of your business is the first step when considering purchasing new commercial laundry equipment. The requirements of a large hotel are quite different from a small one, and the machines you choose should reflect that.

For instance, if you have a 500-room hotel and need to iron a significant number of sheets quickly, automation can be your best friend. Imagine an ironer with a feeder and a cross-folder that could process a thousand sheets an hour! With just a couple of operators, your sheets will be pressed, ironed, stacked, and delivered back to you. This kind of automated system could significantly boost your productivity.

On the other hand, if you’re running a smaller hotel or dealing with basement or foundation issues, you might want to opt for a soft mount washer. This washer has its own suspension system and springs to minimize the transmission of vibrations to the floor, ensuring a smooth and quiet operation.

Choosing the Right Distributor

Next up on your to-do list when purchasing laundry equipment is choosing the right distributor. This is an integral part of your buying process as you’ll want a partner that understands your unique needs and can provide the best solutions.

The ideal distributor should have a wide range of options at their disposal and the ability to guide you towards the most suitable equipment for your goals. With the right distributor at your side, you’ll have the necessary resources and expertise to make informed decisions for your business.

Embracing Technology

Technology in the commercial laundry space has been progressing at a rapid pace. The ability to program and monitor machines remotely and generate productivity reports adds a new dimension of efficiency to your laundry operations. This technological trend shows no signs of slowing down and embracing it can lead to significant benefits.

Innovative features like touch screens make it easy for employees to operate the machines with minimal training. All they need to do is identify what they’re washing, and everything else is programmed behind the scenes. The correct amount of detergent is dispensed, the appropriate washing cycle is selected, and the linens are washed and disinfected without any hassle.

Reliability Factor

One of the most common questions when purchasing commercial laundry equipment is, “How reliable is the machine?” This concern is both valid and essential. After all, the reliability of your equipment directly impacts your business operations.

Having a reliable machine and a dependable service team to handle maintenance and repairs can significantly reduce downtime and stress. While a reliable machine might require a more substantial initial investment, consider it a long-term value decision. A machine that lasts 25 to 30 years could offer a better return on investment compared to one that needs frequent replacements.

However, if you’re only planning on keeping a property for four to five years, your focus might shift to finding a machine that simply gets the job done during that time. In this case, the right distributor will help guide you towards the most appropriate solution.


The journey towards purchasing laundry equipment can be complex, but by understanding your needs, partnering with the right distributor, embracing technological advancements, and prioritizing reliability, you can make an informed decision.

Remember, the goal is to find the equipment that best meets your business’s unique needs and contributes to your long-term success. If you have any questions or would like further guidance, RJ Kool is here to help you every step of the way. Happy shopping! If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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