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What Should Look for When Purchasing Healthcare Laundry Equipment

Purchasing Healthcare Laundry Equipment

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Installing healthcare laundry equipment requires facilities to incorporate specific health and safety standards into their purchase considerations. Machine programmability, water extraction technology, durability, and linen protection are all features health care facilities should look for in their laundry equipment.

At RJ Kool, we understand that healthcare facilities must meet sanitation requirements, and as such, offer commercial healthcare laundry equipment to our Midwest healthcare facility customers. In this guide, we’ll discuss crucial features healthcare facilities should look for in their new laundry equipment.

Look for Programmable Equipment that Meets High Standards of Disinfection and Cleanliness

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and extended care facilities require constant washing of soiled linens from mattress covers, blankets, and gowns, to surgical attire and staff uniforms. These items must be thoroughly disinfected to remove blood, bodily fluids, and microorganisms that can pose infection risks to staff, patients, and residents of facilities.

Machines should be highly programmable and able to provide digital reports and monitoring to ensure compliance with health standards. At RJ Kool, we offer UniMac commercial laundry equipment that is purpose-built to meet healthcare facilities’ standards. With technology such as UniLinc control, purpose-built UniMac machines offer 48 programmable cycles, advanced monitoring, and a digital reporting system that can be sent to your facility’s computer system.

Purchasing laundry equipment with high-tech features and programmability ensures a variety of linens can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected according to health requirements

Look for High G-Force Washer-Extractor Machines and Water-Saving Technology When Purchasing Healthcare Laundry Equipment

Healthcare facilities can benefit from purchasing high g-force commercial washer-extractor machines that will save on water usage and provide a more effective, powerful wash. Machines such as UniMac’s UW Series Hardmonut Washer-Extractor offer 400 g-force extraction cycles that will maximize the amount of water removed from linens in the wash and result in significantly reduced drying times.

In addition to looking for models with high g-force extraction, we recommend considering washer-extractors with additional water-saving technology. UniMac’s OPTispray technology can reduce the amount of water used in each wash by as much as 39% and reduce chemical residue left behind by 22%.

Look For Durable Machines When Purchasing Healthcare Laundry Equipment

Healthcare facilities face high daily loads of laundry needs. Heavy daily loads can quickly strain laundry machines that aren’t purpose-built for high capacity and durability. As a result, these machines can require more service, and maintenance, and ultimately have shorter service lives.

We recommend that healthcare facilities look for machines that are highly durable and more than capable of handling the daily load of your facility. While maintenance will always be necessary to maximize efficiency and service life, choosing models that feature highly durable designs will significantly cut down repairs and maintenance, and extend service life.

Look for Tumble Drying Machines with Over-Drying Protection

Healthcare facilities need linens such as sheets, mattress covers, pillowcases, blankets, etc to last as long as possible. However, over-drying linens in the dryer can result in a faster breakdown of fabrics, requiring facilities to replace linens at an undesirable rate. Considering the amount of linens healthcare facilities use and clean daily, premature replacement of linens can amount to significant expenses.

At RJ Kool, we recommend looking for dryers that come with over-drying protection technology. UniMac’s OPTidry technology uses moisture sensors to determine when fabrics are perfectly dry, shutting off the tumbler dryer to save on utilities and preserve the integrity of the fabrics.

Contact the Commercial Laundry Equipment Pros at RJ Kool

When looking for laundry equipment for your healthcare facility, consulting with commercial laundry professionals is always recommended. At RJ Kool, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line, high-tech laundry equipment for our Midwest healthcare facility customers. If your facility is looking for the optimal healthcare laundry equipment, give us a call today!

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