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What to Consider When Purchasing Equipment for Your Dry Cleaning Business

Equipment for Your Dry Cleaning Business

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Equipment for your dry cleaning business is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make as a business owner. Your equipment will be one of the biggest costs that you’ll have to think about.

Learning about what types of equipment are in use makes your decision far easier. Read on to learn more about what types of equipment dry cleaners need to use.

How Important is Your Equipment Investment?

Your equipment is of primary importance because you need to have functional equipment to keep your business going. Purchasing multiple machines may easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, there is some room for flexibility.

Depending on your budget, used laundry equipment might be a perfectly acceptable option. Many of the used machines available are in like-new condition or have had important parts replaced. Purchasing used equipment, as needed, can help your business save money to put toward more expensive purchases when needed later on.

Having access to the parts and services that you need makes either new or used equipment worthwhile choices. With access to replacement parts and services you might need, you can acquire used equipment without any worries. In the end, whether you buy used or new will depend on your projected budget.

Equipment for Your Dry Cleaning Business Always Includes Washers and Dryers

When you need to purchase equipment for your dry cleaning business, washers and dryers will likely account for most of the cost. Selecting the right types of washers and dryers also makes a difference. For example, a healthcare facility would have different requirements for its equipment than a laundry room in a college dorm or an apartment complex.

One of the most important things for anyone starting a dry cleaning business to look for is large-capacity washers and dryers. The demand that most dry cleaners usually have makes larger machines a necessity. In addition to having sufficient capacity, the machines should fit into your space easily, even if somewhat compact.

The Importance of the Right Chemicals for Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaners handle different garments, as well as upholstery items that often have specialized needs. The items that customers drop off may have requirements ranging from freshening up to stain removal. Making sure your business has been equipped with all the chemicals you may need is a good idea.

Some of the types of items that may require dry cleaning include:

  • Dress in shirts and blouses
  • Dress pants
  • Work uniforms and coveralls
  • Tablecloths and linen napkins
  • Wedding and formal dresses
  • Clerical vestments or choir robes

With dry cleaners having to handle a diverse range of customer needs, having sufficient chemical supplies for different needs is important.

Equipment for Your Dry Cleaning Business: What Other Types of Supplies Do Dry Cleaners Use?

Some of the other items that dry cleaning business owners use include:

  • Information tags – to take down customer information on orders
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) system – allows customers to pay for their orders
  • Sorting bins – for separating customers’ orders during the cleaning process
  • Presses – for giving larger items a wrinkle-free appearance
  • Clothing racks and assembly system – handy for storing items before placement on the conveyor
  • Hangers and garment covers – to keep items clean until picked up
  • Clothing conveyer – for placement until customers pick items up

Even though dry cleaners need to consider several different types of supplies, the washers and dryers used are the most important by far. Knowing that there are options available to suit different needs is helpful for any business owner. The most successful dry cleaners have the resources to help with different needs.

RJ Kool offers the machines that you need when buying equipment for your dry cleaning business, contact us to learn more about what we have to offer for your business.

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