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Why You Should Choose RJ Kool For Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

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Does your business need new commercial laundry equipment to keep up with an ever-growing demand for uniforms, towels, linens, clothes, and other fabrics?

There are many industries that match that description, including hotels, hospitals, car washes, universities, fitness complexes, and other large-scale laundry-consuming organizations. Alas, laundry machines don’t last forever, which is why you should invest in washers and dryers that will go the distance, and won’t disrupt operations by breaking constantly.

In this quick post, we’d like to introduce our commercial laundry services to you, particularly regarding new and used washers and dryers. We hope you’ll keep us in mind whenever you need to replace old equipment or want to upgrade to something more efficient and effective.

What RJ Kool Offers Business Clients in the Midwest

RJ Kool has a headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, and serves commercial businesses from there and other locations like St. Louis, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Springfield, and Omaha. We assist companies who go through large loads of laundry, with six vital services.

  1. New Laundry Equipment
  2. Pre-Owned Laundry Equipment
  3. Service & Repair
  4. OEM Factory Parts
  5. Design Consulting

That first component is where we find most of our patronage. Organizations, like hotel chains, will come to us for solutions to laundry problems. We supply them with cutting edge machinery from trusted brands like UniMac, Continental Girbau, Fagor, Speed Queen, and Maytag Commercial.

While we’re happy to offer repair on any laundry machines, we find that it’s a better investment to identify equipment that works right, doesn’t trip, and doesn’t devour electricity. Besides providing outstanding hardware, we can also direct you to highly effective cleaning solutions like Ozone washing. This is essential for sensitive worksites, like hospitals, where you constantly wage war with infectious microorganisms on bedding, towels, and clothes.

RJ Kool: A First-Class Supplier & Repair Service

The other reason to trust RJ Kool is our indisputably strong reputation in the commercial laundry business. We’ve accomplished this with an award-winning team of people with tons of experience and accolades.

If you combine everybody on our team, you’ll find a whopping 200+ years of experience in supply sales, design consulting, or repair service. This includes ten technicians who are Level-4 qualified to perform maintenance on UniMac laundry machines. Finally, when you purchase anything through us, you can count on full guarantees on all manufacturer/service warranties.

How to Know When You Need New Commercial Laundry Equipment

How do you know you even have a problem with your laundry equipment? What are the signs that it’s time to find an upgrade?

Keep your eye out for these common problems.

  • Your machines keep breaking, not filling with water, not draining, or the dryer only takes forever to handle a single load.
  • You run a healthcare facility and cannot risk being non-compliant with anything less than perfectly clean clothes. New equipment gives you the chance to eliminate at least 99.99% of infectious bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains of Staph.
  • When you check on your company’s power bill, you notice a recent surge and suspect your washer/dryer is contributing to the problem.
  • Your customer volume has grown, and you need larger machines to accommodate the growth.
  • You’d like to try laundry machines with more advanced cleaning options and require less detergent or chemicals.

Contact Us Today for Help Finding Energy Efficient Commercial Laundry Equipment

So, if you’re ready to scrap all of your old laundry equipment, or just want to expand a little, then RJ Kool will be happy to assist. We’re willing to be both your partner and problem solver for getting laundry clean.

Contact RJ Kool anytime to learn about the competitive price structures for all our commercial laundry equipment from the industry’s top manufacturers.

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