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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment Laundry Facilities to Keep Your Tenants Happy

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment Laundry Facilities to Keep Your Tenants Happy

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Did you know if you upgrade your apartment laundry facilities, you can not only keep tenants but attract them, as well? Laundry facilities are a big draw for people looking for an apartment.

People need to do a lot of laundries, so the convenience of a great laundry room is a big plus. A clean, modern laundry facility in the apartment building is worth paying a little more rent.

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment Laundry Facilities to Keep Your Tenants Happy

If people need to load up all their laundry and haul it out to a laundromat at least once a week, that’s not convenient. If someone has young children, it’s just not possible.

  • Upgrade Equipment

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your apartment laundry facilities is for new, modern equipment. Old machines break down and can even damage people’s clothing.

Newer equipment keeps people happy and saves on energy consumption. Old machines use a lot of energy, don’t work properly, and can leak. Today’s machines are programmable and offer payment options.

  • Technology

Machines and other amenities can come with a variety of payment options. Prepaid cards and card readers for debit or credit cards for machines and product dispensers.

Machines that can be programmed, alerts to tenants when machines are free or when their cycles are completed are just a few of the advancements in technology that will improve your laundry facilities.

  • Add More Machines

Adding more machines is always a welcome upgrade to your apartment laundry facilities. If you don’t have the space in your current laundry room, consider putting machines on a few different floors.

It’s very frustrating for people to have to wait or always find the machines in use. Even a few more can make a big difference for people. People with kids and larger families need the machines more often.

  • Cleanliness

For an area where cleaning is done, laundry rooms can get very dirty. Make sure someone monitors the room every day and people know who to contact for any issues.

Keeping the machines cleaned out, having plenty of garbage cans around, and good lighting are key. People need a clean place to bring their clothes out of the dryer and fold them.

  • Safety 

Safety is a great way to upgrade your apartment laundry facilities. Make sure the lights in the laundry room and the hallway or area outside of the space are well lit at all times.

Check the machines for items left inside, check garbage for anything that smells or that could be hazardous or flammable. Dark corners, unfamiliar objects, and other issues can cause a problem.

  • Make it a Community

Add a bulletin board where people can leave messages or ask for a babysitter, add a few toys or books for the kids, and have places where people can sit. Older people in the building will appreciate the gesture.

A great upgrade for your apartment laundry facilities is a vending machine or two, a place for lost and found items, and even a joke or recipe of the day. People are in there a lot, making them feel welcome.

Upgrade Your Apartment Laundry Facilities

If you are looking for some ideas to upgrade your laundry facilities in your apartment building, please contact us today at RJ Kool. We can outfit your multi-family building with the latest laundry equipment and amenities.

Whether you need two or ten machines, we can help with financing, used equipment, and options for payment.

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